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Review: Caged Kitten by Rhea Watson

Oh-my. My beating bookish heart is squeeing so loudly right now. I absolutely positively loved loved loved Caged Kitten. Towards the end of this stand-alone in the All the Queen’s Men series, I literally couldn’t wipe the maniacal grin from my face or stop the jig I was dancing around my room with how much I loved Rhea Watson’s second foray into the #whychoose, reverse harem realm of book world. Which is one of my top catnip favorites. She also cemented herself as one of my favorite authors and from this point on, an automatic buy, both with ebooks and paperbacks. 

Now, onto the story. Katja is a witch, yay!, wrongly accused of an asinine crime that lands her suddenly kidnapped and thrown into prison with no way of connecting with her delightful familiar, Tully, the coolest cat – ever! From chapter one, with the mysterious ominous warning from her Father on his deathbed, to the moment she wakes in a supernatural prison, to every single moment after, I was hooked. 

When Katja rolls onto the hellish paranormal prison scene, she isn’t expecting to stumble onto the man that is far more than he appears or his friend, or the sudden perfect twist of a Fae Prince. Sometimes fate is a bitch, this time she uses a totally disgusting villain to bring her to the three men that will change her life. 

I loved how Watson handled the destined mate trope, how she wrote the harem of men. The alternating chapters between Katja, Elijah, Rafe and Fintan made me fall madly crazily in love with this story. The dynamic between the group, as they maneuver their feelings, prison life, the torturous warden and that explosive ending! Gah! At 91% I was so sad that I was getting closer to the end of this deliciously fun romp. I need more, I want more. More of this world, more of these characters, the love and the relationships and just everything. 

Katja is a badass who really finds who she is and becomes the woman and witch she always could have been, it just took the catalyst of the situation and the men in her life, but mostly it was just her – her finally realizing what an absolute badass fighter she is. 

The men. Elijah, the alpha dragon shifter with an absolute heart of gold. Rafe, the deliciously sarcastic but ultimately sweet Vampire and of course, Fintan, the Fae Prince who has always had life handed to him on a platter. These three men are incredible, I’m so glad chapters were included to show who they were beneath the mask they wore and them with Katja is just pure perfection. 

And Tully, the best cat ever written, he is awesome personified in a fluffy cat skin. I loved him, where the hell is my Tully, everyone should have a cat like him in their life, thank the gods that Katja has him and he her. 

This book, y’all, this book. I loved it, completely utterly adored it. I’ve got the paperback tucked in tight next to it’s predecessor Reaper’s Pack and all of my other adored RH novels. If you like, love or are curious about why choose and reverse harem, do yourself a favor and go download and read this book!! Now. What are you waiting for? 

Also, side note. Rhea Watson has a bonus chapter available for email subscribers that takes place ten years in the future – I loved that too and ohmygod, please Rhea Watson write more of this harem. I love them all. For now, thank you Rhea Watson for stepping into the reverse harem realm, please never leave. Also, can we be friends, ‘cuz I love your brain and your writing and your stories. . .


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