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Have you ever heard the story of the girl who fell down a Rabbit Hole? Yeah. Cool.

How about the one about a woman of plain exterior who ended up not only getting the guy but also found a backbone made of steel and a beauty that was incomparable? That one too. Good.

Alice & Eyre is my baby.

A melding melody of two of my favorite novels. One whimsical, full of colorful melodies, where being mad is reserved for the best of all individuals, the roses drip red, animals speak and a girl rises to the occasions that take place in this fantastic majestic place.

The other is a darkly decadent melody, from the start to epically brooding, yet hopeful ending. This woman secured her rightful place in the sphere of books for all time. With death, abuse, darkness and a light that permeates with my favorite line ever, “Reader, I married him.” This is the classic that will stand the time and is one of the most celebrated works of fiction.

Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre. Two of my favorites.

Alice & Eyre is also a new beginning for me as a book blogger. Four, going on Five years ago, I began a Book Blog called Me, Myself & Books Blog or MM&Books. I did this after an appointment with my therapist at the time who told me to go home and find something, something positive, something to obsess over that didn’t include killing myself. To which, I went home and started blogging. It was an explosion of book mania, as I fell head long in love with the blogging world, with book world itself.

Book world helped save my life. Books most definitely have saved my life on more than one occasion and will always hold a piece of my heart, helping me stand and weather the devastation that can come with mental illness and physical illness. After a fullness of book blogging, I took a much needed hiatus, went to RT Conference in Vegas, wrote a memoir, had a hysterectomy and bought a Business. All before I turned 28.

Now it’s 2020 and I’m back. Inching slowly back into the swing of things. Into reading books because I love it and writing snippets and snaggles about my love and sometimes hate for some of the books that I read. Consume. Breathe.

I’m Echo. An Alaskan writer who blogs, hoards books, always wears black, is obsessed with skulls feminist. A dog mom, Pinterest addict, that addictively listens to music and believes life, like books should have a soundtrack.

Welcome to Alice & Eyre! Buckle up! It’s about to get all kinds of awesome up in here.



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