I love Paranormal Romance, it’s my go-to comfort reading choice, throw in some Revere Harem goodness and I am a happy book nerd. I was trolling Amazon for my next read and stumbled onto Reaper’s Pack, with one-click and a curiosity that could kill a cat, I dove right into this novel and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Well written with multiple points of view from the heroine to the three men in her life, it was refreshing to be in all of their heads and feel out their intentions, their flaws, their awesome goodness. Right from the get-go I was intrigued by the world building and to the main character, Hazel. She is a delightful little badass with her femininity and her wicked scythe. A reaper on the search for her hellhound pack, she ends up falling head long into the tension and arms of her trio of hellhounds. These men will steal your heart just as much as they steal Hazel’s heart.

Reaper’s Pack is deliciously erotic when it wants to be, Rhea Watson doesn’t pull her punches as she pulls you along on the ride that is Hazel, Knox, Gunnar and Declan. From their first meeting, as the story skips along down a path of hate-to-love-you towards my favorite the you-are-a-balm-to-my-weary-bones love story, I couldn’t help but want more, more and more.

Each of them are so tragically broken in their own way and even as they fight it, hate it, can’t stand it. . .they can’t help but embrace that Fate has brought them together.

A little on the longer side, with a wonderfully well thought out happily ever after for now. I was appreciative of the stand-alone aspect of the story the wonderfully great writing, the attention to the detail of each individual relationship. In a sea of quickly written and tossed out into the ether RH novels, Reaper’s Pack was a delight. I’ll be grabbing this one for my shelf and will definitely be tagging along on the Rhea Watson book train.

Four Deadly Stars 

. . .


One grim reaper. Three hellhounds who refuse to bow down to her. A monster hunting them in the shadows…

Ten years ago, I was judged worthy of life after death and returned to the mortal realm as a grim reaper. Scythe in hand, I guide souls to deliverance—and it’s time for a promotion.

My new territory is triple the size of any I’ve worked before. High death rates mean one busy reaper, and the only way to keep up is with a pack of hellhounds. Faithful. Strong. Merciless. Hellhound shifters are a reaper’s right hand in the field, shepherding and guarding souls until they can be reaped.

We get our pick of the litter from the best breeders in Hell, but for some reason, I’m drawn to the pack no one wants.

An alpha who refuses to yield.

A beta who doesn’t take me seriously.

A runt who flinches at every command.

I want them—even if they don’t want me.

Because the hunger in their eyes tells a different story. But the fact that they can’t decide whether to love me or hate me, fight me or screw me, is making our situation way too complicated.

Still, I refuse to give up. If this infuriatingly handsome trio can’t be trained, if we don’t pass the trials, they go back to a cage and a cruel demon master.

Yeah. Not happening.

Reapers and hellhounds are natural allies, and the sooner we secure our bond, the better, because as it turns out…

All our lives depend on it.

Reaper’s Pack is a standalone why-choose paranormal romance and is part of the ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN series. Each book in the series is a full-length standalone featuring layered heroes and a headstrong heroine who never has to settle for just one happily-ever-after. The books can be read in any order and are part of the same supernatural universe.

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